Art Reboot

Art Reboot, Hugh Moss


What is art for?

Hugh Moss argues that the twentieth-century revolution in art, spread globally on the jet stream of western influence, was widely misunderstood, and that many of the ideas which made it revolutionary had been governing Chinese art for two millennia. China’s ancient cultural maturity found art’s highest purpose, beyond its lower-level roles and surface meanings, in the evolution of consciousness, thus emancipating art and those who practised it, as also those who appreciated it, for the audience was considered part of the process of art, valued above its objects.

Art Reboot is a short transcultural presentation of ideas which resolve global confusion and open the gates to the wonders of making art and being transported by it.

Hugh Moss is one of the world's leading experts in the fields of Chinese snuff bottles and scholarly works of art, and is a well-known painter and calligrapher, working under his studio name, the Master of the Water, Pine and Stone Retreat.

Hardcover with full coloured images, 140 pages 13 x 19.8 cm 2022 English Copyright © 2022 OM Publishing ISBN: 978-9-6279-5647-1 

Art Reboot is available from OM Publishing, Rm. 1501, M Place, 54 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong , or from Pavilion Gallery, PO Box 79169, London, E9 9EX (Email: ).



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